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Outline of Job

Market research interviewers are hired by market and social research organisations to conduct interviews in order to establish people’s attitudes in relation to a variety of topics. They will be hired by organisations such as charities, governments, advertising agencies, and opinion polls. The market research interviewer will be briefed on the client’s targets, and will conduct interviews from pre-prepared surveys. They may have to visit people’s homes to conduct interviews, talk to people on the street, or conduct focus groups.

Daily Activities

  • Organising interviews, whether it involves visiting people at home or approaching people on the street
  • Informing interviewees of research purpose
  • Following survey design and asking questions accordingly
  • Working to meet an interview quota
  • Collating answers and presenting the results to research organisation

Skills Required

  • People skills
  • Good communication and writing skills
  • Able to collate information
  • Able to follow survey procedure
  • Willing to approach people on the street or visit people at their homes
  • Able to meet targets

Expected Earnings & Conditions

A market research interviewer works for market research agencies on behalf of clients. Their pay is typically £50.00 – £65.00 a day. This would be around £11,000 – £16,000 each year. Those working in the role of field assistants or research assistants can earn in the region of £18,000 – £22,000. Expenses will likely be covered, salaries being dependent on the market research agency and the level of work.

You will sometimes have to conduct interviews on the street, which can be dreary if the weather is bad. You will also have to attend people’s homes or conduct interviews over the phone. Working hours are varied, likely to include working at weekends and in the evening. Part-time work is more common than long term contracts.

Further Information

The role of market research interviewer is very similar to that of a market researcher. Therefore, if you wish to attain any more information concerning the qualifications and experience required for this role, or career development and the additional training on offer, then please refer to the market researcher job profile.